Dear Clay,

Part of being a good friend, parent, or student is Learning to Listen to the Lessons offered you in life. You have given us so much to listen to this past year. Not just your voice in song, but your voice in conscience, your voice in reason, and your voice in decency.

So much has happened for you in the past year and the difference you have made in so many lives in terms of feelings and awareness is phenomenal.

You are a treasure and our everyday lives are richer because we have been blessed in knowing some small part of you.

Just one small extraneous message... Unchained Melody... please record it! It doesn't matter that whatsername did it, never heard hers, may never ever. But if you record it, I'll be out there to purchase my 7 copies on the very first day!

Your devoted fan,

cha cha trusty

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