Many Mini BEVRs of the Curious Mind ~or~

There was a man,
a luscious man,
who went onstage,
just to sing to us...


Lord Have Mercy

The notes reverberate around the room,
We know that Clay will soon appear!
Backup singers hide behind their mikes...
Spotlighted spiky hair!

Lord have Mercy, Clay,
I'm leapin' on my chair!
Lord have Mercy, Clay,
An opening so fine!
Kyrie Eleison!
Commanding Hero claims the Stage,
Lord have Mercy, Clay
I'm gonna lose my mind!

Standing there he makes my heart stand still.
Eyes are glued to every move.
Breathless beauty then invades my soul.
He knows he has us, takes control!

Lord have Mercy,
Will I last until the ending?
Lord have Mercy, Clay,
You had me at "the wind!"
Lord have Mercy, Clay,
It's only the beginning!
Lord have Mercy, Clay,
I'll melt onto the floor.........


Measure of a Fan...

When one day you get tickets,
5th row, you'll see everything,
Make gifts and fancy signs
You hope that he will see.
Hope you are close enough
To be where he will be....

Why do you obsess on this gorgeous man?
Is that, is that, is that how you measure a fan?

Will he do an encore,
Will it be Solitaire?
Will he wear a new shirt,
What about his hair?
Will he show a little of that ginger trail.....
Will he, will he, will he, or will he just tease.......


Heart to Clay

Will you remember me
When this tour has spent,
When you start another project?
I was the one with the clever sign
That said I give my heart to you...

I'll go make one for the summer...
Bring it every time...
Will you please choose me
To look into your eyes
Or touch your fingertips.....


When I hear You

When I hear you
My heart races fast and I feel you
Down to my toes, can you feel me?
I wish I could sit by your side....


Clay Aiken in My Mind

In my mind I'm Dancin' with Clay Aiken...
Can't you hear my breathing,
Can't you just feel my heartbeat,
Waiting for his lanky bod
To hit me from behind,
I'm dancin' with Clay Aiken in my mind...


When Clay Rocks

Why do you leave me here standing, alone wanting you to hold
Just a small touch of your fingers
Or your eyes to meet mine - so bold...
Maybe you're just like your father, fitting too tight in the mold,
Maybe you're just like your mother, with a very old soul...
Why can't we dance with each other...

This is what it looks like

In DC he got too excited,
Then took the Clayvention by storm,
Went smoldering on to Wikes-Barre
Breaking up at MOAM...

That was a tribute so sweet to you,
We'll do it again if we can.
We'll sing for you whenever, wherever,
but what we prefer is...

Watching what it looks like
WHEN CLAY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Way

There's somethin' 'bout the way they make you feel,
Somethin' 'bout the way, you get silly when they're around.
Somethin' 'bout the way their eyes invite,
Funny but you feel that you've know them all for years...

It's in the way Clay's Fans Hug you
And the way Clay's Fans Love you
The way we can talk about Clay
When you're feelin' down
Then Clay's Fans are around
When nobody else understands
You can count on all Clay's Fans...

Can't put my fingers on
Why they can make you feel so good
Don't ask me to explain
It's just one of those things
That can not be defined

ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh

You Feel It With Clay's Fans.....

images and lyrics by Susan (a.k.a. cha cha trusty)
email me at trustyred(at)

The songs parodied are:
Lord Have Mercy = Kyrie Eleison
Measure of a Fan = Measure of a Man
Heart to Clay = Fields of Gold
When I Hear You = When I Need You
Clay Aiken in My Mind = Carolina in My Mind
When Clay Rocks = When Doves Cry
The Way = The Way ::grin::

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