American Idol Season Two
The Judges' Comments on Clay's performances 1-5

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Open Arms
February 11, 2003
Don't Let The Sun
Go Down On Me
March 4, 2003
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
(I Can' t Help Myself)
March 11, 2003
Somewhere Out There
March 18, 2003
Someone Else's Star
March 25, 2003


Open Arms
February 11, 2003
Paula: I close my eyes and I'm lookin' for some glitches... and you have such a brilliant voice, it's magnificent, my god, I just think you've got a great whole vibe about you, and embrace it....

Randy: Where does that voice come from? It's like I hear you singing, but it doesn't really sound when I look at you, what is that? That song is close to me, of course, cause I was in Journey for some years... these guys they always give me shame! what's up? .... but very nice, man, very nice...

Simon: I got to be honest with you, this why I'm pleased that we've opened this competition to the American public. When I look at you I don't automatically go, yes, you look like the American Idol, because you don't. But maybe the public will .

Paula: Which makes it work! I think you're gorgeous, adorable, and so frickin talented...

Simon: Well, you've got a date anyway...

Paula: Yes, can I have a date with you?

Clay - Yes, absolutely...

Simon - Well, you've got a date anyway.

Clay - You're kiddin' me, you're askin' me?? Absolutely!! OK, it's on...

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
March 4, 2003

Paula: Clay, this is what this competition is about, this is what the wild card is about... big fan, I love your hair, you changed your hair...

Clay: a little...

Paula: you raised the bar, we talk about raising the bar ... you've surpassed the bar, you're a star and you've got this confidence about you that is quiet and subtle, that's not intimidating and you welcome everybody in - great job!

Clay: Thank you

Simon: Did you like him?

Paula: You know what - what I'm trying to say -- yeah, I liked ya, a lot.

Randy: Did you really like him, Paula?

Paula: I really did.

Simon: Get off the fence, here, Paula I wasn't sure about that...

Paula: Come back to me on that one...

Simon: OK.... undecided....

Randy: Clay, man, you're lookin fly, you got your look together, you went away, worked, did whatever you did... it was really, really, good, I gotta give you your props, I gotta stand up for ya man... right song for the right guy, did your thing, came back, did your homework, I love that!

Clay: Thank you very much.

Randy: That's what this is about, we hope people will come back and do the work, and I still say, where is that voice coming from?

Paula: It's unbelievable

Randy: God, dude!

Simon: Clay.

Randy: Simon Cowell over here...

Paula: He's in a good mood!

Randy: Cowell, what's up baby.

Simon: Wow. Wow. I was really impressed. And you know what's interesting is... I mean that was a fantastic performance, really, really, fantastic,

Clay: Thank you.

Simon: I think the fact that you don't look like the conventional pop star actually in a way is probably a good thing because you are so memorable, and you're sort of looking better each week....

Randy: Yeah, man...

Simon: it was great,

Clay: Thank you very much.

Simon: really, really, great,

Clay: Thank you very much.

Simon: well done.

Randy: Yeah, yeah, good job, man.

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I Can' t Help Myself)
March 11, 2003

Randy: Clay, Clay, Clay, what's up dawg? what is up, Clay... what's up, man...

Clay: I have no idea...

Randy: Let me tell you how I felt about that - you get the standin O, dawg, brilliant, baby, brilliant man.

Paula: What's so much fun to watch about you, Clay, is you have this confidence about you, that you're just goin, I can't believe, the second he walks out here, you're just like, "yeah just another day and I'm on American Idol, it's no big deal...

Clay: (laughing, shaking head) A woah...!

Paula: ...I'm just gonna sing and I'm gonna sing the best I can
and it's no big deal"

Randy: brilliant, dawg...

Paula: It's amazing! It really is!

Clay: Thank you so much.

Paula: Thank you!

Clay: Noooo, thank you!!

Lamont Dozier: Clay, you look like you've already arrived, you look like a professional,

Clay: Aww, thank you so much...

Lamont: look like you've been doin it for years, and that's the look of a star.

Clay: Thank you so much, thank you very much, Mr. Dozier.

Simon: Prepare to duck... I thought you sounded very good, but if I'm being honest, I thought that performance was Motown the musical.

Randy: Naw, come on, baby, don't even go with it, Clay, he don't know what he's talkin about...

Paula: Boooooooo

Randy: Booooooooo


Somewhere Out There
March 18, 2003

Randy: How does that feel man, does that feel good?

Clay: It's amazing.

Randy: Amazing right? Dude, I'm still sayin', man, where does that voice come from?? Dude, the power, the range, I mean every week, I er, I go, wow, man! This is a good show guys!

Paula: it's a great show.

Randy: This is good, you did your thing, baby.

Paula: Another one... you know, Clay, you are effortless, you are effortless with your voice, and you are so natural... this season, truly, it's amazing to be sitting right here in my chair, as we all are sitting here, it's amazing to watch you guys, it really is. Congratulations!

Gladys: You're... you're a mystery... you have your own look... there's something very magical about your look...

Paula: Sexy!!!

Gladys: And your voice is so pure... I don't know in the contemporary world, what's gonna happen with you, but something exceptional is gonna happen for you somewhere along the way because you are pure...


Simon: I just love songs about mice... actually, I'm kidding, it was, I think after this performance tonight, your'e the one they've gotta beat...I really do.


Someone Else's Star
March 25, 2003
Ryan: Randy, Paula, Olivia, all seem to agree with a standing ovation, Simon Cowell?

Simon: Well I hope I can sum up, it was very sweet, but it sounded identical to last week, had nothing to do with the show, identical to last week, coulda swapped songs. Very good.

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