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American Idol Season Two
The Judges' Comments on Clay's performances 11-15

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Build Me Up Buttercup
April 29, 2003
April 29, 2003
To Love Somebody
May 6, 2003
May 6, 2003
May 13, 2003


Build Me Up Buttercup
April 29, 2003
Randy: Yo, yo, Clay, yo, man, you know what, you know what? What I'm impressed by tonight, you tried to change the thing up a little bit like we been sayin', it sounds the same every week, dude you did a great job, man, I was entertained!

Neil Sedaka: Clay, you sing like Andre Agassi plays tennis, perfection, perfection. And I would KILL to write and produce your first CD.

Paula: OK, Clay, I feel like I wanta get up a give you a hug.

Clay: And dance?

Paula: I really do, you know why? Cause when I critiqued you before it wasn't about dance steps, it was about your spirit dancing... and you did... good for you!

Simon: Why do you think that's a good thing for you to give somebody a hug? I'm horrified. Umm... actually, I agree with most of what everyone's said, I think you've made the effort you came out to entertain... I've just never known what that song is about... Build Me Up Buttercup, what does it mean?

Clay: Ha ha, it's a British song......

Randy: Good answer Clay!

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April 29, 2003
Randy: Clay, you know what dawg? I'm lovin' this part of this competition 'cause with you and Ruben and Kimberley Locke comin up, and Trenyce, and everybody tryin to win this... Dude, you did your thing, man, I'm so impressed, dawg.

Neil Sedaka: Bravo, Clay, I've lost my song forever to you, it will always be a Clay Aiken song.

Paula: One of the most brilliant songs written. Absolutely, Clay, it's one of your most vulnerable performances ever, and you didn't give any like staged look... you just were. And I think that you've broken out of what other judges have critiqued you as better suited for Broadway, and you are now the pop singer, and you just ARE.

Simon: Ummm... I have to congratulate you, Neil, on that song, that is a 10, that song, it's just superb, and Clay I want to say something to you... I think you're one of the few people I've met throughout all of these competitions 'cause you can take criticism like a grownup. Learn... you definitely got better you've lost some of these facial things which I think was distracting, and you just did a really grownup, fantastic, performance. Congratulations.


To Love Somebody
May 6, 2003

Randy: Yeah, yeah, yo, man, you know what? Dawg, I gotta give you your props, man. You really came on tonight. You're really tryin' to win this, and you're doin your thing. That was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Robin: You've got an absolutely fantastic voice, and this is the way the song should be sung, and it's just brilliant.

Paula: The last two weeks have been my favorite Clay moments because you've really found a safe place with your vulnerbility, and youre maturity as a performer has caught up with your beautiful voice.

Clay: Thank you very much.

Simon: Clay, I think this is the third Pop Idol or American Idol I've done if you include the English one, and that's probably one of the best performances I've ever heard throughout the compettition.

Ryan: I guess it's safe to say you're having a good time tonight.
Clay: I'm enjoying myself, yes.


May 6, 2003
Randy: Yo, Clay, man, I'm just sitting here laughin', man, I'm havin a good time tonight, man. I like that you're up there doin' your dance steps, dawg. I like the moves, baby!

Robin: Actually, no, I love your voice anyway, but it was, yeah, it was a great job, and ah, I love your interpretation of it.

Paula: You know I'm proud of you, Clay. You know what? You shook your thang, but most important, you know what, having a little bit of humility, and having fun, and not taking yourself so seriously....

Clay: A lot of humility.

Paula: It's a blast watchin' you, and it's just wonderful.

Simon: (shaking head speechlessly) Horrible. I mean, Sorry! Everything about that was horrible. It was!

Paula - You're horrible!

Audience: booooooo!

Simon: I don't care! Will you shut up! I'm tryin' to talk! You know, a great performance, and then it was all thrown away with that. That was horrible.
Paula: your'e horrible.

Randy Bad Judge!
Ryan: What do you want to say back to him, 'cause you're just up there having fun.. not taking yourself too seriously.
Clay: Oh, I don't take him too seriously.
Ryan: Quickly, show us the hips one more time?


May 13, 2003

(as beautiful as you...)
Randy: Clay Aiken... yo, man, you know... This is an interesting competition now, we're down to the wire as everyone knows, I dunno, that song to me, just I don't love that song, that song was kinda boring for me, an' I don't think that was your best performance, dude. I think that is probably that the weakest one I've seen from you, for me. I don't think you loved it either, tho.

Clay: Fair enough.

Paula: He's reserving the right to say nothing... Clay, you know what? Oh, man, this is hard... because I think this wasn't your best performance. I think...well look...there was a little area there where the lyrics were a little bit forgotten ... but you know what ...

Simon: A little bit...?

Paula: That happens... can I tell you something? It is the truth, it happens, you let it go. Enough of the entire country is so in love with you... this happens to performers... you picked yourself up... an' you did, and you finished with dignity....

Simon: Ummmm, well, I think you know what I'm gonna say... I mean, it was a dreary rendition.. you forgot the words... the nerves are obviously kicking in... you're very lucky you've got two more songs left because that was terrible...

Randy: I bet you come back strong tho, baby.

Paula - arright, let's go!

Ryan: So what do you do?

Clay: You bring it next time

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